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Monday, September 01, 2003



Although it is true that you need to submit your name when making a yahoo or hotmail account (actually you can get around that too), you can go into options after creating and change the name that appears on your outgoing email to whatever you like. For instance - mine goes out as Bliss Scandalous. I'll let you decide if you think that is my real name ;).

Even for legitimate email accounts, where I am corresponding with people who know me personally - I still change the name or shorten it to my first only. You never know where your emails get forwarded and into the hands of someone you wish did not know your personal info.

Good luck!


The helpful info you have about Yahoo! and Hotmail are things that I will certainly check into. And I do doubt that is your real name.

For my legitimate email account, I just took my name off of the outgoing information. The people who know me will recognize my email as such.

Now, I thought I heard that typepad was thinking about creating an email service... I hope it allows for anonyminity! : )

Richard Soderberg
michael luna

this is my 25 year teaching full-time. I actually
worked part-time working my way through school
as a substitute back in the mid-70's when you
only need 90 college units to sub... those were
the good days for me. I enjoyed subbing almost
any subject. I started pretty good, thought
but I can't say i'm ending with great feelings
about teaching. Is it getting old? Maybe so,
but I think the teaching difficulties are matched
with society. Many argue about lack of monies
for teacher salaries and adequate books and supplies. Well, I would agree with the poor salaries but my number one on the list would be
the television and the violent programming with
constant disrespect for authority figures. There
is a great lack of balance in poor programing vs
good programming. Next, and sometimes more importantly are the divided families..single parents, and single parents who do not know how to
parent! Yes, getting older is a major problem.
It is much more difficult to cope with the poor
student skills and poor social training among the
The school needs to fight back and fight back
hard with a disciplined authority. Principals
need to lecture parents at large and explain the
standards. An administrative video should be made
explaining the details of standards and discipline
with consequences that are clear and direct. Also, all administrators should maintain a weekly
class to have a direct understanding/connection
to realities of life in the classroom. Governors,
senators, congressman/women and presidents should
all attend classrooms unannounced and see for themselves. We in the classroom are witnesses to
announced visitations are artificial realities as
to the learning conditions of the classroom.

anonymous email

You could use myTrashMail.com. It's a really cool anonymous email system. Moreover you have free temporary email.

Mark Vane

Hey, I recently added a news widget from www.widgetmate.com to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

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