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Thursday, November 20, 2003



I had an incident with my juniors in Regents chemistry. I have a few girls that are particularly rude and conversational, but on this one particular day most of them couldn't keep their mouths closed. After being polite and asking them to be quiet for several minutes, I said something to the effect of "You all need to shut up for a few minutes so we can get some work done." The girl with the least respect, who had been talking over me the whole time, turned around to me and told me I shouldn't say "Shut up," and how it was rude!!

I spent about the next 5 minutes talking to the class about respect, being polite, etc. I really couldn't believe it when she told me I was being impolite.


I'm a student teacher at a junior high in Califonia. A few weeks ago when I was checking on students cooking, one boy was joking around. i don't remember what he said, but i told him jokingly to "shut up". He acted all shocked and still gives me a hard time about it. Today, he wanted an apology. He smeems like he's joking so i'm not taking it seriously.

the tunneldweller

I've worked in daycare for several years, and it is standard practice from bed-babies on up to avoid the phrase "shut up" and to discourage or even punish children who use it. The few times I have slipped in front of another teacher, they have been quick to correct me as well. I'm not sure where the orginal idea came from, but it's quickly becoming part of the American childhood.


You have hit on an interesting thing with the phrase "shut up". I dont think its a new thing--I think it may be a regional thing. To me "shut up" is one of the worst things you can say to a person short of swearing. Its funny--my sister and I have each had issues with our boyfriends over them saying "shut up". Some people think it is no big deal but to me it is something you would never say to someone. It would be good to be aware that for some people this is REALLY strong language!!


"Shut Up" is a harsh phrase, and hearing it from a teacher is surprising, unless I can tell that the teacher is joking. I think it does have something to do with the fact that children are taught at a young age that it's very impolite to say. I don't blame my teachers for saying it, though I'd be less surprised to hear them say something profane than I would be to hear them tell me to shut up. Still, in the back of my mind I know which one is worse.


Uh - Shut Up as an expression can be quite shocking. Students at school think they're kind of /untouchable/ And - we are o.0 There are really no methods you can use to make us 'shut up' without one of us getting parents or police involved. If a teacher says something to the effect of 'shut up' often enough it can be used by the class to see how far they /can/ push you before you're screaming bloody mercy at them.
Hmm... My school appears promotes the use of explicit language in the classroom. Especially by the higher ranking teachers, who seem to think they're /untouchable/ and in many ways they are - until they get sacked.
School - Indeed! U_U Who needs it?
Lucyfer - Royal Latin

Daryl J. Lassen

Give me a break all of you premadonnas out there that think that "Shut up" after profound and blatant rudeness on your part is rude or harsh or out of line. Give me a break. Grow up. These premadonnas are the typical ambulance chaser lawyer mentality types that want to jump on someone for looking cross-eyed at them or for some innocent behavior that they would like to interpret negatively. They project their own guilt and are not accountable for their own behavior. They pick this gang mentality up from other people, including adults, who have no clue about personal integrity or long-lasting accountability. Our sit-coms, etc. on TV do not help this situation. Those who denounce the words do not know themselves how to discipline students in our public schools or at home. They do not know what anger is or what being a consistent disciplinarian is all about. These people are useless. Two words. Two non-cursing words. Two words that get the point across after repeated disrespect. Give me a break.


I always tell my teachers to 'shut up' its just the way it is.Teachers never show respect to students so i dont see why we should show it back, and to tell a teacher to shut up is the only way of explaining that we just dont care what there trying to teach us and couldnt care less about them.


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Ashley Bryant

Hi, Im Ashley, Im 13 and Im in junior high at a private school. Wow... shut up? All of my teachers tell us to shut up all the time. They yell it at us when theire mad. I have two teachers who say damnit all the time too. We say shut up, so why is so shocking to your students that you say it? Trust me, any student who says something aboutyou saying shut up, says it all the time and cusses like a sailor.


I understand the need to use the word, but I think it's impolite and unprofessional. I'd use it sparingly and try to say something that I, personally, find to work quite well. Give the brats the look of death and firmly say, "Shut your mouth." They still might resist, but they'll feel told off and sometimes even embarrassed. It's all in the tone and the look; the words are secondary. Besides, if students are driving you mad, why not take other appropriate actions rather than resorting to unprofessionalism?


i come from China , i'd like to say something about teaching in China about saying shut-up . though it is a very strong language and unrespectful ,it is so easily managed by Chinese students , at first place it is simple , only two words , besides ,under certain circumstances , they can use it. you know ,China is not a english official country , and it is not so commonly-spread as their mother tongue ,so they tend to learn things easier and practical. but i have to stress that i will advise my students not to say that word any time any place!@!


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